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    尺寸:鍊長 44-46cm
    ( 附延長鏈,有需要更改尺寸請在備註欄提出) 

    吊墜 長 2.5cm x 寬 1.2cm
    主要物料:925純銀 (吊墜),合金,鮑魚殼片
    長度:短鏈 (鎖骨以下)


    Product information

    Origin: Mexico
    Size: chain length: 44-46cm

    (Remake with extended chain
    Chain length is adjustable,
    please notify us before purchase)

    pendant length 2.5cm x width 1.2cm

    Main material: 925 sterling silver (pendant),
    alloy, abalone shell

    Length: Short necklace (below collar bones)

    Condition: Excellent

    Butterfly abalone silver tone necklace

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