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    Maritime Breeze

    說到夏天,總是會聯想到陽光灑落在海面上,微風吹拂,波光粼粼的迷人景致。大海有著它獨有的魅力,同時店主們鍾愛那逾百年前便從職業演化出來的海軍時尚,從而促成這個系列 Maritime Breeze 的誕生。它以航海為靈感,重新解構各個年代對水手服的詮釋,再締造出永不過時的經典。


    ○ 由香港設計師親手製作紙樣及打版裁製
    ○ 薄身人造絲 (rayon) ,柔軟透氣舒適,適合炎夏穿著
    ○ 布料附精緻菱形暗花
    ○ 獨特窄身版型配合開叉設計,可隨意更改開叉的位置
    ○ 腰內附鈕釦,可輕微調節鬆緊


    模特身高: 166 cm


    長度: 76cm; 裙擺: 33cm;  腰圍:35-37cm



    100% Design in Hong Kong
    100% Made in Hong Kong
    100% fabric sourced in Hong Kong


    Note: This is a make-to-order item and it would take up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete. We greatly appreciate your patience for supporting local design and workmanship.


    - Design Concept -
    Maritime Breeze

    Seaside could be the best place to chill in summer. And how sunlight scattered on the waves along with the gentle breeze is fascinating. We merged this unique summertime feeling with nautical fashion which has gone mainstream hundred years ago to give birth to our new collection, Maritime Breeze. We deconstructed the nautical influence among past eras to rebuild the classic.


    - Product Information -

    - Pattern made, prototyped and tailored by local designer 
    - Light weight rayon which are soft, breathable and comfortable to wear in summer
    - Delicate and subtle rhombus pattern on the fabric
    - Unique pencil shape with slit, the position of the slit can be altered freely
    - Buttons inside the waistband can slightly adjust the size of the waist

    Model Height: 166 cm


    Length: 76cm; Hem: 33cm; Waist: 35-37cm

    Ariel - Black pencil wrap skirt with slit

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