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  1. HKD $500以上 免運

  2. HKD$ 500以下以重量計算 (i.e.首公斤HKD$25, 之後每公斤加HKD$5)



  1. 台灣 HKD$600以上免運 (i.e. HKD$600以下首公斤HKD$43, 之後每公斤加HKD$28)

  2. 泰國、新加坡、馬來西亞 HKD$1000以上免運 (i.e. HKD$1000以下首公斤HKD$114, 之後每公斤加HKD$28)

  3. 其他地區 HKD$1200以上免運 (i.e. HKD$1200以下首公斤HKD$182, 之後每公斤加HKD$44)



  1. 上門派件 (HKD$25)

  2. 取貨點 (HKD$20)

* 請標明方便取貨的地點並留下聯絡電話以便跟進





Local shipping cost

  1. Free shipping for HKD$500

  2. By order weight for under HKD$500 (i.e. not over 1 kg for HKD$35, every additional 1kg for HKD$5)


International shipping cost

  1. Taiwan - free shipping for HKD$600 (i.e. under HKD$600 and not over 1 kg for HKD$43, every additional 1kg for HKD$28)

  2. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore- free shipping for HKD$1000 (i.e. under HKD$1000 and not over 1 kg for HKD$114, every additional 1kg for HKD$28)

  3. Other regions- free shipping for HKD$1200 (i.e. under HKD$1200 and not over 1 kg for HKD$182, every additional 1kg for HKD$44)


Local delivery method

  1. Door delivery service (+HKD$35)

  2. Pick-up spots (+HKD$25)

*Please state a convenient location for pick-up and leave your mobile phone number to follow up


Delivery Schedule

We deliver the products for every Monday and Thursday.

Return Policies//退換政策



如顧客在7天內發現復古貨品有與網站描述不符之損壞或其他貨品出現品質問題 (i.e.由收貨日計算),請即聯絡,並附上相關的圖片及單據證明,本店承諾於14天內安排退貨或換貨服務。請注意:買方需要自行支付退貨的郵費,如被退貨品受損壞,買方需承擔其損失。


若出現任何爭議 , 本店保留最終決定權並保留對所有條款和細則作出刪改的權利。


Thank you for choosing our products. Please be reminded that the size and condition of our vintage products are clearly listed in the description. It is certainly normal of vintage products to have some flaws. Hence, we do not accept any return or refund for this kind of products.


If you find any damage on any products or vintage products that do not match with the description on website. Please notify us by within 7 days (i.e. start from the day when products are received) by and prove by sending us relevant images and receipts. We promise to arrange return,refund or exchange services within 14 days.


Please be reminded that: you are responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.


If there is any controversy, we reserve the rights to make final decisions and to remove or change any terms and conditions.

Payment Methods//付款方式

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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