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  • 產品資訊

    ○ 使用本地珍貴布尾全人手製作,布料數量有限,售完即止

    ○ 以千鳥格紋挺身布料製成,內有柔軟裡布及自家品牌標誌

    ○ 現貨的頭圍均為22英吋,另可提供客製尺寸服務,製作時間約為1星期

    ○ 適宜使用冷水手洗


    Product Information

    - Handmade with locally sourced deadstock fabric, only limited amount of berets can be produced.
    And they will not be restocked after all the fabric is consumed.

    - Sturdy houndstooth patterned fabric with soft lining and brand label tagged inside.

    - The size is 22 inches for all the stocks. We offer customisation for other sizes and the production time will be around 1 week.

    - For cleaning, hand wash with cold water is suggested.  

    Brownish houndstooth beret

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