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    Toasty Holiday





    ○ 由香港老師傅製作紙樣及本地設計師親手打版裁製
    ○ 薄身純棉蕾絲及裡布布料,端莊甜美,透氣舒適
    ○ 前面上身附精緻的直條摺褶
    ○ 腰部附束腰綁帶,可於前後綁成蝴蝶結
    ○ 兩邊袖頂有小皺褶,簡單甜美
    ○ 適宜配合可拆式假大領或圍裙一同穿搭,令造型更豐富動人


    主要 純棉蕾絲
    其他 純棉裡布


    模特身高: 166 cm


    長度: 100cm; 裙擺: 114cm;  肩寬:33cm; 胸圍: 47cm; 腰圍: 46cm; 袖長:24cm ; 袖寬:18cm



    100% Design in Hong Kong
    100% Made in Hong Kong
    100% fabric sourced in Hong Kong


    Carol is inspired by the form of 1950s dresses, which is elegant as a single item, and can be also easy to mix and match with accessories. Sewing the delicate pleats can be time consuming. Hence, it usually needs 2 days to finish the entire dress and these efforts serve as a symbol of slow fashion.


    Note: This is a make-to-order item and it would take up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete. We greatly appreciate your patience for supporting local design and workmanship.


    - Design Concept -
    Toasty Holiday
    This collection is inspired by bakeries and their graceful female customers in the 1940s to 1950s. Whenever they were getting the irresistible smell from bread, staring at the window of bakeries or holding a full bag of baguette and heading home, they put a big smile on their faces, as observed in historical photos. We really want to share the pure joy and carefree charm in these women.


    During the early post-war period, material life was not yet prominent. At that time, wearing a item in multiple ways was regarded as virtue. To evoke the pursuit for the continuity and classic style of garments, we made simple yet iconic designs which are easy to mix and match.


    - Product Information -
    - Pattern made by experienced local pattern maker, prototyped and tailored by local designer
    - Light weight cotton lace and lining fabric usage which are adorable and comfortable to wear in summer
    - Delicate vertical pleats at the front
    - Waistband can be tied as bow at both front and back
    - Simple sweet puff sleeves
    - Perfect to match with detachable collars or aprons 

    Model Height: 166 cm


    Main 100% cotton lace
    Others 100% cotton lining


    Length: 100cm; Hem: 114cm; Shoulder: 33cm; Bust: 47cm; Waist: 46cm; Sleeves length: 24cm; Sleeves width: 18cm

    Carol - Baby blue cotton lace pleated dress with waist tie

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