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  • 100% 香港設計
    100% 香港採購布料


    Toasty Holiday






    ○ 由本地老師傅製作紙樣及裁製
    ○ 挺身而輕盈的布料,涼快、舒適且尤具質感
    ○ 兩邊帶柔和甜美的格子圖案,顏色容易配搭
    ○ 高腰並窄身的剪裁,令身型看來更修長
    ○ 復古的雙排鈕釦設計
    ○ 兩側有開叉,方便活動



    主要 95%真絲布
    其他 綿質格子布、純綿裡布


    模特身高: 166 cm


    長度: 69cm; 裙擺: 45cm; 腰圍: 30(+5)cm; 臀圍: 45cm





    100% Design in Hong Kong
    100% fabric sourced in Hong Kong


    - Design Concept -
    Toasty Holiday
    This collection is inspired by bakeries and their graceful female customers in the 1940s to 1950s. Whenever they were getting the irresistible smell from bread, staring at the window of bakeries or holding a full bag of baguette and heading home, they put a big smile on their faces, as observed in historical photos. We really want to share the pure joy and carefree charm in these women.


    During the early post-war period, material life was not yet prominent. At that time, wearing a item in multiple ways was regarded as virtue. To evoke the pursuit for the continuity and classic style of garments, we made simple yet iconic designs which are easy to mix and match.


    - Product Information -
    - Prototyped and tailored by experienced local tailors

    - Stiff but light weight fabrics create comfortable pencil skirt with nice shape

    - Sweet gingham pattern at both sides in which the colours are easy to mix and match

    - High and narrow waisted cutting helps reshape the bottom part of the body

    - Vintage double lines of buttons design

    - Slit at the sides for easier movements

    Model Height: 166 cm



    Main 95% silk

    Others Cotton gingham fabric & 100% cotton lining


    Length: 69cm; Hem: 45cm; Waist: 30(+5)cm; Hip: 45cm

    *** The waist part is stretchable with elastic band.


    Dry wash or hand wash are suggested to prevent shrinking or decolorization of silk material.

    If you are using hand wash, 
    - wash in cold water (below 30°C)
    - wash with neutral or silk detergent 
    - wash continuously and do not soak in water for more than 15 minutes
    - do not wring out the garment

    Donna - Light brown gingham buttoned silk skirt

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