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  • 產品資訊

    我們的絲綢髮圈是純人手造,並使用了100%意大利製造真絲為材料。它屬於既高質,又少量的剩布 (deadstock fabric),所有顏色均只有一卷,並不會再產,有限的產量使它更彌足珍貴。


    時裝業一向是第二大的污染產業,為了減少浪費,我們大部分的手造產品都使用了deadstock fabric。Deadstock布料多為一些時裝品牌用剩或生產過剩的布料,往往用了幾個季度便會淪落到垃圾堆填區。由於所剩布料數量一般較少,故此類產品只能限量生產,可見其產品獨特可貴之處,亦伴隨著愈來愈多的中小型時裝品牌紛紛加入使用deadstock fabric的行列。


    我們希望讓更多人理解deadstock fabric的概念,並多加留意使用此類布料的品牌,從而達至慢時尚(slow fashion)的願景。


    ○ 產品由模特直接戴上,大小可參考圖片。
    ○ 建議在配戴前先以較小的橡根圈束好頭髮,再直接戴上。
    ○ 蝴蝶結部分可卸除,可作頭帶或領結等配飾。
    ○ 保養方法:建議冷水手洗或用保護絲質物料洗衣液清洗絲質的髮圈。


    Product Information

    We are using 100% Italian silk deadstock fabric for producing our scrunchies. Those deadstock fabrics are very high quality and rare, usually with only 1 roll, which make our scrunchies so unique.


    What is deadstock fabric?


    Deadstock fabric is the leftover fabrics that are overproduced by factories for excessive needs of fashion brands. Brands would usually hold them for a few seasons before they are sent to landfills.


    Why do we use deadstock fabric?


    The fashion industry caused severe destruction to the environment and was considered as the second most polluting industry among all others. Upcycling deadstock fabrics would be ethical and sustainable to prevent those unused fabrics from being wasted.

    Recently, there are more and more eco-friendly small fashion brands or boutiques using deadstock fabric in production to take the responsibility for caring for our earth. We are also part of those who want to promote the idea of eco-fashion.


    What is so special about deadstock fabric?


    Deadstock fabrics are generally in small quantities. Therefore, the garment produced by these fabrics are usually one-off exclusive pieces for our unique clients.


    - For the size reference, the model is wearing the scrunchies directly on her bun.

    - For the best look, we suggest tying your hair before putting on the scrunchies.

    - The bow part is detachable and can be wear as a headband or a necktie.


    - Care: Hand washing in cold water or using appropriate silk care detergent are suggested.

    Mild yellow silk bow scrunchies

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