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    在60年代人造物料盛行起來後,大多數的睡衣都是由尼龍 (nylon) 或人造絲 (rayon) 等物料製成。它們固然廉價舒適,不過我們渴望呈現更高貴及親膚的感覺,於是在本地採購了珍貴的真絲及法國蕾絲布尾 (deadstock fabric) 去製作此系列。




    ○ 由香港設計師親手製作紙樣及打版裁製
    ○ 以珍貴意大利真絲布尾製作 ,極舒適柔軟透氣
    ○ 剪裁貼合女性身型的短身設計,使穿著者風姿綽約
    ○ 多款配搭方式,適合單穿、作內搭或外穿
    ○ 全人手在鈕釦上繡上黃色小花


    模特身高: 166 cm


    S 長度: 43cm; 肩寬:32cm; 胸圍: 38cm; 腰圍: 30cm; 袖長:18cm

    M 長度: 44cm; 肩寬:33.5cm; 胸圍: 40.5cm; 腰圍: 33.5cm; 袖長:18cm

    L 長度: 45cm; 肩寬:35cm; 胸圍: 42cm; 腰圍: 34.5cm; 袖長:18cm


    100% Design in Hong Kong
    100% Made in Hong Kong
    100% fabric sourced in Hong Kong


    - Design Concept -

    This collection is inspired by vintage loungewear. Women dressed fancily even when they were going to bed in past eras. The blurred boundaries of loungewear and ready to wear made nightwear a fashionable item. We pursue a simplistic yet elegant redesign of nightwear from the past.


    Artificial materials have become prominent since the 1960s. Most nightwears were made of nylon or rayon at that time. Although those materials are inexpensive and comfortable, we want to present a high-end sophistication in our garments. Hence, we locally sourced Italian silk and French lace deadstock fabrics for creating the collection.


    Even though the smoothness of silk might make it difficult to cut and sew, it remains as our first priority in making garments. The unique shine on fabric during movements is fascinating. Besides the noble appearance, wearing silk is advantageous to our body. 
    It is ultimately soft,  breathable and comfortable which could block harmful UV lights. It can also retain the moisture of our skin and regulate our body temperature during sleep.


    - Product Information -

    - Pattern made, prototyped and tailored by local designer 
    - Made with ultimately soft,  breathable and comfortable Italian silk
    - High waist cutting that shapes women's silhouette
    - Multiple ways to wear, can be as a single fashion item, inner wear or outerwear
    - Hand embroidered floral buttons

    Model Height: 166 cm



    S length: 43cm; shoulder:32cm; bust: 38cm; waist: 30cm; sleeves length: 18cm

    M length: 44cm;shoulder:33.5cm; bust: 40.5cm; waist: 33.5cm; sleeves length: 18cm

    L length: 45cm; shoulder:35cm; bust: 42cm; waist: 34.5cm; sleeves length :18cm

    Pearl white lace silk blouse with floral embroidered buttons

    • 由於真絲布料較易磨損,所以衣服一般建議乾洗或手洗。手洗時請用30度以下的涼水和中性或絲綢專用的洗滌劑,需持續沖洗並切忌浸泡多於15分鐘及用力擰乾。



      Dry wash or hand wash are suggested to prevent shrinking or decolorization of silk material.

      If you are using hand wash, 
      - wash in cold water (below 30°C)
      - wash with neutral or silk detergent 
      - wash continuously and do not soak in water for more than 15 minutes
      - do not wring out the garment

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