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    100% 香港設計

    100% 香港製造

    100% 香港採購deadstock布料


    這個系列的Valerie top採用了貼合女性上身的剪裁及復古上衣常見的互搭設計,精緻的碎花和隨風擺動的互搭部分更是從而散發出優雅的女人味和體態美。


    100%純真絲不只天然、質感細滑不焗促,這種物料在冬天更是有意想不到的保暖效果。但滑身的布料往往不易處理,我們慶幸找到本地車衣師傅願意接真絲布料的訂單。由於選用的是珍貴的deadstock布料 (一卷布料平均只有20-50碼),我們的產量不多,每一件的做工亦一絲不苟。而且整件衣服都將褶骨邊完美地包裹著,讓它更經得起歲月的洗禮。設計高質耐用的成衣是我們一貫的宗旨,它們更是經驗老到的師傅之匠心傑作。



    ○ 短身而收腰的設計

    ○ 前面為皺褶邊互搭式V形設計

    ○ 後面為皺褶邊半圓領子

    ○ 內設透明鈕扣作穩固前幅領口用途

    ○ 100%意大利碎花真絲面料

    ○ 燈籠袖子



    均碼 (S-M)

    長度: 47cm; 底寬: 37cm; 袖長: 57cm; 袖寬: 8cm; 肩寬:39cm

    模特身高: 166 cm







    Product information


    100% Design in Hong Kong

    100% Made in Hong Kong

    100% Deadstock fabric sourced in Hong Kong


    Valerie top of AW2021 collection used crop slim fit cutting with vintage wrap design. Delicate floral patterns and dynamic wrap flaps create elegance with ideal body proportion.


    100% silk fabric is natural, very smooth, breathable and unexpectedly keeps warm during cold seasons. But smooth materials mean uneasy to handle and sew, so we are glad that we found local tailors that would like to take this order. Since we used deadstock fabric for this collection (on average 20 to 50 yards per roll), only a small amount, but outstandingly high quality of garments are made. Also, they have perfectly bounded edges to make them more endurable by the exquisite craftsmanship of experienced local tailors.



    - Crop and slim fit design

    - V-neck wrap design with ruffles at the front

    - Half circle collar with ruffles at the back

    - Transparent small buttons set at the front panel for anchorage

    - 100% Italian floral silk fabric

    - Puff sleeves


    One size (S-M)

    Length: 47cm; Hem: 37cm; Sleeves Length: 57cm; Sleeves Width: 8cm; Shoulder: 39cm

    Model Height: 166 cm


    Dry wash or hand wash are suggested to prevent shrinking or decolorization of silk material.


    If you are using hand wash, 
    - wash in cold water (below 30°C)
    - wash with neutral or silk detergent 
    - wash continuously and do not soak in water for more than 15 minutes
    - do not wring out the garment


    After washing,
    - dry in shaded area and do not directly expose to the sun
    - put fabric between garment and iron and keep iron in low heat when ironing

    Valerie Floral Silk Top

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