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Authentic Vintage & Reproduction

Authentic Vintage

Authentic Vintage can be regarded as fashion goods that produced in the past eras, often second-handed or occasionally brand new and unused. The conditions of vintage products could be classified as 6 grades.

Pristine/Perfect/Mint - As new, no defect at all.

Excellent - Used, with no noticeable flaws.

Very Good - Used, with minor flaws, no repairs needed.

Good - Visible wear, Minor flaws.

Fair - Numerous flaws, repairs needed, fragile.

Poor - Extensive damage. For display or study only

Also, the history of the branded vintage garments can be tracked by their labels. The below website provides a comprehensive vintage label guide for vintage lovers.

Remake Vintage

"Make do and mend" is a concept that keen on extending the life span of products by repairing them. It was prevalent during WWII when all the materials were scarce at that time.

Our brand collects vintage goods from world wide and repair them or redo the cuttings when there is a need for modern practicability. We also provides customize services to alter the sizing of authentic vintage items so that they can be fitted well and passed on to their new owners more easily.

Vintage Reproduction

Reproduction of vintage goods is a kind of modern production regarding vintage aesthetics. It enables larger quantities and wider range of colors and sizing of products. For instance, our brand uses sewing patterns from the past to produce nostalgic garments. It is especially admirable for those who love vintage designs but think that they are not affordable or who want to slightly change some details so that they are wearable in modern days. 

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