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The significance of "Made in Hong Kong"


近來我們在搜羅古著及配飾時,會特別留意有沒有「Made in Hong Kong」的字樣。身為一個香港的復古品牌,這除了是對香港的一份獨有情懷,也喜愛從它們的細節裡考究箇中的歷史及工藝。



Recently, when we are sourcing vintage garments and accessories, we would pay special attention to the presence of label "Made in Hong Kong". As a Hong Kong based vintage brand, besides our unique feelings for Hong Kong, we also love studying their history and the craftsmanship in their details.

From the 1950s onwards, Hong Kong's manufacturing industries have gradually reached their peak. Until the 1970s, Hong Kong has been regarded as the “Golden Age of Manufacturing”. At that time, the export volume of light industrial products "Made in Hong Kong" was huge, playing a vital role in foreign markets. After an item has been manufactured and exported, it is indeed a wonderful journey to travel across the oceans for more than half a century, and then return to its origin.

The vintage products made in Hong Kong are exquisitely handcrafted. Nowadays, as various manufacturing industries in Hong Kong are slowly declining, they become even rarer. We hope everyone will be sincerely proud of the local manufacturing.

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