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Our Future Reproduction Plan - Deadstock fabric

In the future, we are going to use deadstock fabrics in vintage reproductions. They would be in limited edition and here is why:

What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabric is the left over fabrics that overproduced by factories for excessive needs of fashion brands. Brands would usually hold them for a few seasons before they are sent to landfills.

Why we use deadstock fabric?

The fashion industry caused severe destruction to the environment and was considered as the second most polluting industry among all others. Upcycling deadstock fabrics would be ethical and sustainable to prevent those unused fabric from being wasted.

Recently, there are more and more eco-friendly small fashion brands or boutiques are using deadstock fabric in production to take the responsibility for caring our earth. We are also part of them who want to promote to idea of eco-fashion.

What is so special about deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabrics are generally in small quantities. Therefore, the garment produced by these fabrics are usually one-off exclusive pieces for our unique clients.

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